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We Accept the Family Empowerment Scholarship for students with unique abilities and the PEP Scholarship! We are a direct provider with Step Up for Students as a Private Tutoring Program!


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Elementary and Middle School age students are welcome to join Ms. Melanie at her Eco-Montessori Program for private tutoring sessions! Ms. Melanie has been providing nature based homeschool enrichment since 2015. She is very excited to implement her tutoring program in Tampa Bay. The academy combines the independence and individualization of the Montessori curriculum with learning about sustainabilty practices. The students will be learning about growing healthy food, gardening principles, life cycles, spending plenty of time in nature having fun with friends, and working on character development through daily activities. This style of self-directed learning works exceptionally well for homeschool families.  

As part of the dialy Montessori tutoring sessions students will enjoy nature combined with the Montessori academic lessons. All subject areas are covered. Tutoring sessions are individualized to each learner while in a group setting. 

The students will enjoy the natural beauty while learning and creating fond memories with friends.


New World Summer Virtual Reading Program!


Scholarships For Qualifying K-5th Grade Public School Students

Ms. Melanie will use the Montessori physilosophy to guide learners through fun activities and informational text that will arrive at your home! 

As a former public school principal, ESE teacher and Liason, and ESOL teacher and Liason, Ms. Melanie understands how the Montessori lessons can engage students by using informational text. This virtual course will focus on grammar, spelling, and writting skills. Utilizing these skills while researching interesting topics in turn improve overall literacy skills.  

Join Ms. Melanie for educational fun this summer. Email Ms. Melanie to sign up.

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Email, text, or facebook message Ms. Melanie to schedule your annual Florida homeschool portfolio review!