Who We Are?

Our Why

Melanie Smith created Freedom Montessori Academy in 2015 with a dream of the best possible way of educating children. As a former public school principal, Melanie knew what the families, the teachers, the children, and she wanted to achieve.

 It seemed like everyone wanted the same thing.  

  • The children to be in a stress-free, happy, healthy, environment. 
  • The children to be independent learners who took responsibility for their education through meaningful hands-on learning experiences. 
  • The children to be respectful, learn social skills, and enjoy friendships. 
  • To enjoy healthy eating.
  • And most importantly, we all wanted each child to be treated as an individual. Individualized education allows each child to progress at his or her own pace and to pursue his or her own interest developing a love of learning.   

Our Mission

Freedom Montessori Academy’s mission is to provide homeschool enrichment activities for middle school age and elementary age children that balance academics with plenty of outdoor experiences in nature.

  • As a registered Eco-School with the National Wildlife Federation our goal is that children learn about sustainabilty. Our learners have experiences with healthy foods and plants to encourage healthy eating habits and learn to grow food.
  • Eating healthy is essential to feeling good, which in turn increases academic progress.
  • Our families enjoy the Montessori philosophy as it is a great balance that carries over into life.
  • Learners work on independent skills, progress through the curriculum at their own pace, work in multi-age groupings, and enjoy cooperative learning experiences.
  • Freedom Montessori Academy’s goal is to have  parent involvement supporting the programs goals and their child’s progress. This program has been successful with parents working with us as a team. 

Our Core Values

By utilizing the Montessori Philosophy, it is easy to meet the individual learners’ needs with hands-on materials and academic experiences in nature. We are excited to be an Eco-School registered with National Wildlife Federation learning about our country and eco activities.

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